Can we please just talk about this for a moment? This is such a beautiful scene where we get to see both Sherlock and Mary affirm their acceptance of each other. They are both saying to each other ‘Yes, you can be in a part of my life that I hold very dearly’ and they are just going to be unbelievably perfect. Mary and Sherlock may just become my new BrOTP


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anon requested  6 sexy things that Sherlock does


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I am in love with this post.

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UK Teaser Trailer for The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch

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Say something I’m giving up on you…

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#this is the scene when I realised that David Tennant was the greatest actor I’d ever known #I mean he essentially has a mental breakdown as The Doctor #and it’s just one of the most powerful scenes ever in Doctor Who

and it still hurts.

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I’ve seen and swam and climbed and lived and driven and filmed. Should it all end tomorrow, I can definitely say there would be no regrets. I am very lucky, and I know it. I really have lived 5,000 times over. 

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3 years ago today, one can argue that the best WWE Championship match in almost a decade took place at Money In The Bank. The bout between CM Punk & John Cena will stand to the test of time because it’s one of the rare occasions, especially in this era with leaks & dirt sheets, in which the outcome was unpredictable. On one hand, Cena could walk in and out of MITB the WWE Champ. On the other hand, Punk could walk out with the title in hand and leave WWE without a champ. Everything that surrounded this match; from the infamous Pipe Bomb, to great promos and the fact that this took place in Punk’s hometown of Chicago, a wrestling hotbed, made it a can’t miss event. By now, we all know what happened as Punk defeated Cena for the title and set a hot run for the straight edge star. And while he abruptly walked out on WWE early in the year, you have to appreciate what the moments and images gave the fans for the past 3 years. This match just happens to be one of them.

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